Welcome to Amsterdam


When my husband learned that he would be doing a two year rotation with his job in Amsterdam, I immediately started dreaming about all of the places we could travel. I wanted to be able to share our adventures with friends and family back home, so I thought I’d try my hand at this whole blog thing, even though I’ve never really enjoyed writing. The next step was to try to come up with a name.

I thought that a name would just hit me one day, but I am not known for being very creative, so I enlisted the help of one of my most creative friends – Thumper. We tossed around a few ideas about something with Johnson/wandering/Amsterdam, and when nothing clicked, she said “Why don’t you just call it Boterham?” Boterham was the first Dutch word I learned with the help of Duolingo, an app for learning languages. For a few months I would tell anyone who would listen that this was my favorite Dutch word. I even brought it up to Tyler’s mom, who is Dutch, in an attempt to impress her with my knowledge. She couldn’t understand what my Southern accent was attempting to say and when I told her that the word I knew was sandwich, she taught me the correct pronunciation. I was slightly embarrassed that I had been saying this word I thought I knew incorrectly for months, but I knew it would not be the first time this would happen to me.

So, after I knew Boterham was destined to be part of my blog name, and knowing that everyone loves a good alliteration, I decided to name my blog Bikes and Boterhams since that will be my main source of transportation while over here. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels and life in Amsterdam.

Tot ziens,



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