2018 – the year ahead

Happy New Year!

I wanted to do a quick post to recap all of the places we went in 2017 and to also update y’all on what’s been going on in Amsterdam as well as our plans for 2018.


2017 was a great year of traveling to new places for us. We visited the following places (only including places where we spent the night):


London, England (three times)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bruges, Belgium
Nice, France
Barcelona, Spain
Mayrhofen, Austria
Dublin, Ireland / Doolin, Ireland
Paris, France (three times)
Bucharest, Romania
Edinburgh, United Kingdom (two times)
Capri, Italy / Positano, Italy / Sorrento, Italy
Florence, Italy
Reims, France
Munich, Germany
Montreux, Switzerland
Vienna, Austria
Ghent, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Colmar, France
Tromso Norway / Alta Norway / Oslo Norway



We started off the new year with a bang (literally) by having a New Year’s Eve party at our house with our closest group of expat friends. New years in Amsterdam is pretty incredible, or dangerous depending on how you look at it. Adults and kids alike run around shooting off fireworks throughout the whole city. No matter what time of day. We have a rooftop at our new apartment and took the group up there a few minutes before midnight to watch the sky light up.


In every direction you turned you could see fireworks. Our neighbors two roofs over were shooting off fireworks from their rooftop as well and the ash kept landing on us. It was pretty spectacular.


After cleaning up from the party and nursing my two day hangover, it was time to start my new job. I officially quit my job at EY on December 31st after almost 5.5 years with the company. I made the move to Liberty Global, the largest international cable and internet company, mainly because they have a great expat culture. I’m now on a team where English is the main language spoken and everyone has been very friendly. I think it’s going to be a great fit for me!

Coming up next

We plan to continue our travels in 2018 and hope to cover as many new places as we did in 2017. Here’s our 2018 wishlist, we’ll see how many places we actually make it to!

Alicante, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Bled, Slovenia
Bordeaux, France
Budapest, Hungary
Krakow, Poland
Marrakech, Morocco
Madrid, Spain
Nashville, USA
Rome, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
South Africa
Valencia, Spain / Mallorca, Spain
Venice, Italy

We also plan to go to Disneyland Paris, Oktoberfest, and London for a Titan’s game. Also, we now have a car so we hope to explore more of the Netherlands.

Stay tuned…



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